Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Sin red (track #14)

© Lucio Arce

I have a friend who is in love
with a very hot girl
Red lips, tremendous eyes
Body with curves that make you dizzy
My friend is bald, kind of short
And has a heart that puts out a good fight
He’s generous, considerate
A little chubby and st-t-t-tatters

My friend suffers because the girl says
She doesn’t know what she wants
That he’s so cute, that he’s so different
That without him, she would die
But she breaks down
When doubts star to appear
She gets depressed, she stages a drama
Tells him she doesn’t deserve him

My friend torments himself, blames himself
But he tries again, he doesn’t want to lose her
The guy is true to his feelings and feeds his faith
Like a suicidal maniac, he doesn’t have a plan b
Like a tightrope walker that walks without a net

Having lived through a story
A lot like my friend’s
I know those tales are the subject
Of some tangoes and some forgetfulness
Between bottles he tells me about her
And I listen to everything he’s got to say
I take notes and wait for the day
When we show each other’s scars


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