Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Parece (track 13)

© Lucio Arce

She seems such a pretty girl
She seems such a sweet girl
It seems that when she looks at you
Millions of lights are turned on in the sky
It seems that she’s coming closer
She looks at you, smiles and says hello
And after blessing your good fortune
You feel the knife of doubt
On your chest

She seems like a girl, she seems
She seems but you’re not quite sure
There’s something very strange in her features
The skin, the way she looks at you
The hands, the Adam’s apple
She seems like a girl, she seems
Who has very big feet
Thinking it must be several months
In your state of drunkness
She’s growing on you

It seems like she’s captivated you
Or maybe you’ve lost your mind
Although the guy kind of scares you
You like the girl
And she’s willing and able
Even if everything that glows isn’t gold
At least the sparkling seduces you
If appearances can be deceiving
They can manage to be
Pretty convincing too

She seems like a girl, she sems
She seems but you don’t really know
You hear that voice from the occult
Don’t dodge the package
And we’ll see afterwards
She seems like a girl, she seems
Looking at her from behind
Have a few beers
Take her to the room
Tell me about it later


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