Tuesday, January 08, 2008

La última molleja (track #12)

©Lucio Arce

A dog that roams around
Trying to get a bone
Two fingers of thick red wine
Where a cigarette butt floats
Charred, dry and complainsless
sad and lonely on the grill
Over the warm embers
Lies the last piece of sweetbread

Chinchulin (*), blood sausage,
chorizo sausage came and went
even one that fell on the ground
became part of the big feast
Ribs, sirloin came and went
Salads flew by
the burnt sweetbread
was left forgotten

Now her sorrow has no consolation
Almond ice cream is here, so is flan with cream
And in the brutal abandonment that besets her
The last piece of sweetbread
Just lied there

Little grill bound gland
Brainlike consistency
They don’t love you for your beauty
But for being exquisite
But this poor little
And unfortunate sweetbread
Never got to the tray
That served the guests
A fly has landed
Over the last piece of sweetbread
Lying on the grill
Her emotion overflowed
With her old and coarsed skin
Over the inert embers
A tear of grease
The little sweetbread cried

(*) Chinchulin: cows intestins, a popular feature in argentine barbecues.


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