Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Por complacerte (track #8)

© Lucio Arce

You asked me to change
And I changed just to please you
Only for my eagerness to see you
Content, joyful and happy
I changed all my wardrobe
And started dressing up in suits
And removing the tattoo
Left a scar right here
Because you asked me
I cut my hair with no complaints
The earring flew from the ear
As did the one in my nose
And I stopped frequenting
Those dark neighborhoods
And learned good manners
Just because you asked
And all for what
If after I changed
You changed me for someone else
You are so ungrateful, I did it for you
And now you’re throwing me away
I learned my lesson well, though it cost me
And eye and half the other
I wanted to please you, how was I to know
You were changing me for someone else

Because you asked me
I stop seeing the old gang
And even got a suit and suitcase job
Because you asked me
I betrayed my conscience
And suffered the consequences
Alone and sad in my room
Too late did I realised
Your infamous jibberish
I confess, I was a fool (actually, “a salami’)
I saw a piece of bread and took a dive
I changed to please you
And even though it was a hard blow
I assured you, I learned my lesson well
And it won’t happen to me again


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