Tuesday, January 08, 2008

El hijo del diputado (track #4)

© Lucio Arce

Who has seen him and who sees
The son of the representative
Similing on tv
With his shinny shoes
That one never went to work
He’s a certified lazy bum
He’s a professional
son of a representative
In his lapel a carnation
Of his cheap nobility
Masking his low deeds
Looking around with disdain
The jerk believes
He’s one of the privileged ones
The son of the representative
Expecting to be taken care of

Where does the son of the representative
get the money?
Always wearing fancy clothes
Looking high class
I read in a magazine
Things I don’t understand
That he feeds sirloin stakes
To his german shepherd
He parades himself like a peacock
Around the hot nightspots
Always hanging out in parties
With his occassional friends
And I learned from a good source
That in his long nights of partying
He spends in two hours
What factory worker earns in a month

What a son…
What a son…
What a son of representative

Flan with cream and an expresso
For the son of the representative
Nicely banqueted
And close table twentythree
What a miserable bastard
He barely left any tip
If I cross him in the corner
I broke him in fortythree
There’s ten pesos for whoever
Knocks out the sovereing jerk
And national disgrace
with a good punch
Because he thinks he’s better than everybody
for his arrogance
Kick him in the butt
Right out of the premises



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