Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Esperando un balazo (track #5)

© Lucio Arce

I don’t know how I got into this
I swear I’m an honest guy
Who never ever hurt anyone
And now they want to hit me with a pipe
After the incident of the report
Someone high up gave the order
I’m petrified with fear
Because I’m expecting a bullet

The information I have is my doom
And I need to erase myself from the scene
Those who are after me are heavyweights
Big fishes are involved in this one
I don’t want to come out to the surface
Although paranoia is driving me out my mind
Because as soon as I stick my nose out
Outside a bullet is waiting for me

Because I didn’t heed the warnings
They look at me as if giving me condolences
You can tell rumors are spreading
Today I received a wreath of flowers
That’s why if you see me, don’t say hello
Don’t come near, don’t try to help me
Cross the street and don’t follow my steps
Because I’m expecting a bullet


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