Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Pedime lo que quieras (track #7)

©Lucio Arce

You can borrow anything you want, you I’m your friend
If you need money, just tell me how much
Do you need the car, the the camera
Talk to me with confidence, that’s all you need to do
I lend you my guitar, also the blender
I lend you my wife, if that is what you need
But there’s a limit to everything, because you know, brother
There’s one thing I’ll never lend you

My Gardel records, no
I don’t lend my Carlitos’ records
My Gardel records, no
Some things I’m not willing to do
My Gardel records, no
Let me be clear, once and for all
My Carlitos’ records I won’t lend you
It’s my last answer and stop bothering me
Before Elvis, before Sinatra,
Argentina gave the world its best voice.

The day that you want to borrow those records
It will be my sad night of bittereness and rancor
There in the old neighborhood and in the flowered road
Whistling their silence the blonds from New York
The one who came back one night, the thief and farabute
They’ll call you little paper lamp
And along the little road, put the mandolin in the bag
Like the swallows,
To never ever …

(*) This last verse is composed by the titles in Spanish of 17 songs recorded by Gardel. Unfortunately, the fun is lost in the translation.


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