Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Azul melancolía (track #3)

© Lucio Arce

It rains in Buenos Aires
As it melancholic blue curtain drops
In the architecture
Angels that augur
To protect my sleep and my dreams

A sweet voice sings in the dark
Coming to me from the past
Mi city moon
The lullaby
The river that rocked my heart to sleep

A street lamp burns
Guardian of the night and hope
Eyes of love
Morning star of a new dawn
The water whistles in the kettle

The rain washes off the balcony
As it falls it rinses my nostalgia
My eyes get misty
She’s with me
The remembrance of her never faded away
The collection
Of so many memories of my childhood
Song of love
Albums that keep her fragrance
Dance to the the beat of a tango


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